۱۳۸۷ آذر ۷, پنجشنبه

A Scary Preemptive Condolence

Preemptive acts are becoming more desirable every day, since Bush introduced it first to the world in 2003.  And now, Pakistan's defense secretary condemns the Mumbai attacks in a very scary statement. This statement delivers a sense of preemption, by asking India not to accuse Pakistan of links to the attack, before India wants to do so; he said:   "doing so would "destroy all the goodwill between the two NUCLEAR-ARMED RIVALS."   And here is the link
Tell you the truth, I think being equipped with nuclear arsenals was so necessary for the both nations. As the link mentions it, the two countries fought three major wars against each other since 1947. THREE WARS IN 60 YEARS, and I don't know how long each war last. Don't you think the story would be so repetitive and so boring if they were going to fight again in the old fashion? Even the that statement above would lose all its power and beauty without those words in red. The world people wouldn't want to hear about it any more. Now with these nukes in hand, we may have a really fun reality show on all public news channels+cables. 
I promised myself to buy a tv+cable, if a real man comes out and announces WAR. Even maybe a wide screen one a 52" DLP, if Iran too gets his shit together and joins the party.
I missed George Carlin today+ I feel so thankful today

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